Reusable Silicone Food Bag Freezing Bag Food Storage Bag Airtight Seal Food Preservation Bag Refrigerator Food Container

Product Name: Silicone fresh-keeping sealed bag

Material: Food grade silicone +AS

Product Size:  17x13cm(S), 17x23cm(M), 21x23cm(L)

Product Packaging: OPP bag

Product Capacity: 500/1000/1500 ml

Color: White   Red   Green   Blue


Product Features: Food grade silica gel material, health and environmental protection, drawstring design, strong sealing, easy to open and take, vegetables, fish, meat and juice can be stored, different colors can be used by classification

 New upgrade bag mouth card slot, completely sealed, no longer need to worry about leakage

 Add hanging rings for easy storage and drying after cleaning.