Reusable Produce Bags For Grocery Shopping Organic Cotton Mesh Vegetable Fruits Bags Machine Washable Lightweight Foladable Bag

More and more people use cotton mesh bags to go grocery shopping. First, the good air permeability of cotton mesh bag keeps vegetables and fruits fresh. Second, the cotton mesh bag is made from natural cotton and biodegradable. Unlike disposable plastic bag, this product is reusable. It`s eco-friendly. The three size is suitable for daily shopping and storage. 
Features for Cotton mesh produce bags
1. Lock and drawstring design allow you to open/close the bag more easily 
2. These produce bags are made natural cotton, so they are very soft, can be folded into small size to carry with you. 
3. Fruits/vegetables in these bags can breath well because of the mesh design, so these mesh storage bags are better to store fruits/ vegetables. 
4. Our packaging is plastic free, reusable, recyclable, washable, zero waste and easy to carry. 
Package includes: 
3 * Small reusable produce bags 
3 * Medium reusable produce bags 
3 * Large reusable produce bags 
Stop Wasting Plastic and Start Reusing Eco-friendly Reusable Produce Bags Now! These bags are washable, durable, foldable and reusable for grocery and storage. They work great for grocery shopping, toy storage, hobby supplies, travel, garden harvest, beach trips, office supplies, camping trips, road trips, snacks, crafts, picnics. 
※After several times of using, it is recommended to wash and dry to keep the bag clean and durable. 
※Before putting in washing machine, please tighten the drawstring and put the steel lock into the drawstring bag to avoid wearing the washing machine. 
※Please keep the bag dry to avoid moldy deterioration